Fuel Cell Prototyping Center

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Collaboration Fuels the Future

Stark State College in North Canton, Ohio, has become a leader in fuel cell education as a result of partnerships it has developed with business and industry, the State of Ohio and federal agencies. The outcome is more than $20 million in grants has been generated over the past eight years to develop fuel cell curricula, support industry research and development, and prepare technicians for the emerging field.

About the Stark State College/LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc.
Fuel Cell Prototyping Center

To help Ohio create and retain high quality jobs, Stark State College has constructed a $4.7 million Fuel Cell Prototyping Center. Completed in the Fall of 2006, the Center is designed for use by emerging and fuel cell-related technology companies to assist them in pre-commercialization prototyping and demonstration stages of the development of fuel cell-based power generation systems.

The charter tenant in the Fuel Cell Prototyping Center was SOFCO and Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems (US) Inc, now LG Fuel Cell Systems, in 2006. The Fuel Cell Prototyping Center was created as part of the Wright Fuel Cell Group, comprised of academic, industry and other collaborators, forming a network to marshal resources to accelerate innovation and commercialization for the fuel cell industry across Ohio.

In addition, Stark State is now offering a fuel cell technology option, one-year technical certificate, certificate of competency and scholarship as part of the mechanical engineering technology program. The option incorporates mechanical, electrical, and chemical technologies to provide education for the application of scientific and engineering principles focused on alternative energy sources and more specifically, fuel cell technology.

To date, Stark State’s fuel cell initiative, including construction, equipment and curriculum development, totals more than $20 million.

Support for Fuel Cell Initiatives at Stark State College

Fuel Cell Prototyping Center (FCPC)
Ohio Department of Development (ODOD)


FCPC  (TECH03-053) Wright Fuel Cell Group (ODOD funds)


FCPC OBR Noncredit Capital Funds


FCPC State Legislature


Fuel Cell Technology Laboratory Equipment  (P116Z0400525) U.S. Department of Education


Fuel Cell Curriculum Development Project  (0402438) National Science Foundation (NSF)


Fuel Cell Workforce Development Project  (EA-15524-06-60) U.S. Department of Labor


Upward Bound Math & Science  Program  (PO47M070008) U.S. Department of Education


Great Lakes Fuel Cell Education Partnership  (DUE-0802536) NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program


Fuel Cell Balance-of-Plant Reliability Testbeds Project
U.S. Department of Energy


Expansion of Industry/Education Partnerships for Fuel Cell Commercialization  (TECH09-015) ODOD Third Frontier Wright Projects Program


Development of High Pressure Stack Block Test System for a Fuel Cell Power Module Overhaul Facility (TECH08-084) ODOD Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program


Military SOFC Genset Project (TECH 09-050) (SSC is subcontractor) ODOD Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program


Fuel Cell Services Learning Center Federal Government


Expansion of Stark
State’s fuel cell test capabilities
ODOD Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program


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