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RN Completion for LPN

Program Course Sequence

NUR201  Transition for the LPN
PSY123  Human Growth and Development
SOC121  Sociology
BIO221  Principles of Microbiology
NUR222  Nursing Care of Persons with Alterations in Health II
NUR223  Nursing Care of Persons with Alterations in Health III
NUR224  Nursing Seminar
MTH124  Statistics


Applicants to the registered nurse (RN) completion for licensed practical nurse (LPN) program must be graduates of an approved practical nurse program. The LPN seeking consideration for advanced standing admission to Stark State College’s ADN program must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the College admissions process and take any developmental courses
  • Submit a current, active Ohio LPN licensure
  • Submit an original copy of high school transcript and/or GED scores and transcript from practical nurse program and official college transcript of any college work.
  • Attend a mandatory meeting to review the admission requirements and the application process prior to submitting an application to Office of Academic Records/Registrar’s Office
  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.5 in LPN program or seven (7) more recent hours of college credit
  • Attain a minimum “B” in high school chemistry within last five years or show equivalency (CHM 101:  Intro to Chemistry)
  • Achieve a minimum “C” in BIO121, BIO122, CHEM121, CHM122, ENG124, PSY121.  LPN’s not achieving the grade of “C” or better by the second attempt, including withdrawals, will not be permitted to apply to the nursing program.
  • Prior to enrolling in the first Stark State nursing course, the student must complete the required NACE tests with a decision score of 70 or above.  Test scores are valid for three years.

LPNs must earn 22 hours of credit in specified courses before admission to the program. Upon satisfactory completion of NUR 201: Transition for the LPN (a five-credit hour course), LPNs will receive 20 hours of credit for first-level nursing courses.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) admitted to Stark State College’s ADN program with Advanced Standing Admission (ASA) obtains 77 semester hours of credit at graduation.

LPN’s who submit an application for Advanced Standing Admission will only be permitted to attempt the NACE test twice within five years. Those LPNs not eligible for Advanced Standing Admission may seek admission to the two-year program.

A licensed practical nurse must inform the department chair if he/she is currently participating in the Ohio Board of Nursing Alternative Program prior to submitting an application to the nursing program.