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Dental Hygiene Clinic

Becoming a patient

Becoming a patientThe Dental Hygiene Clinic is open to any interested adults and children (age five and up) in the community. The Clinic is open throughout the year, including summers. Daytime and evening hours vary each semester. Contact the Clinic at 330-305-6610 for exact times or to schedule an appointment. Appointments are required.

First, you will be scheduled for a screening visit (about 45 minutes) and then, if you meet the program’s educational needs, you will be matched with a student who will provide your dental care. Then, unlike private dental practice where a dental cleaning usually takes an hour or two to complete, you will be scheduled for three hour appointments and you may need to return two, three or more times to have everything completed depending on the complexity of your dental health needs.

Note: children typically do not need a screening visit.

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