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Computer programming and database

Computer programming and database is a discipline that combines database management systems with computer software to determine ways to organize and store data. Graduates learn to identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications to the computer database systems. An organization’s computer programmer and database scientist ensures the performance of the system, understands the platform on which the database runs, and adds new users to the system. Because they also design and implement system security, computer programmers and database scientists often plan and coordinate security measures. With the volume of sensitive data generated growing rapidly, data integrity, backup systems, and database security have become increasingly important aspects of the job of computer programmer and database scientist.

In addition, the associate degree in computer programming and database can be earned completely online. With online classes and flexible scheduling including day, and/or evening classes, students can complete an associate degree in computer programming and database in as little as two years.

Also, Stark State offers a technical certificate for those interested in database systems.

For large companies or large e-business operations, robust, scalable database systems provide the best solution where data and data accessibility are mission critical elements. Companies often adopt corporate standards revolving around a particular vendor. Oracle or SQL Server are usually the databases of choice when data storage needs are large and when the ability to fine-tune performance is necessary.

Today, personalized service over the Internet is becoming the norm. With the growing need for business solutions such as Oracle and SQL Server, the demand for trained and knowledgeable database administrators is expected to grow over the next decade. From the perspective of the student, knowledge of Oracle or SQL Server is important. However, adding the Oracle or Microsoft logo to one’s resume symbolizes a higher degree of knowledge and competence using these products.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a Microsoft SQL server certificate or a database systems certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in computer programming and database:

Database systems certificate

Associate degree

Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to acquire, organize, and evaluate terminology and information for making decisions and solving problems and providing solutions in a Computer Science and Engineering environment.
  • Demonstrate employability skills and professionalism through sound work habits, ethics, and responsibility, and work individually and in diverse team settings.
  • Demonstrate solution strategies to formulate and write project descriptions and documents by using the appropriate computational, technical, and communication skills and technologies relating to the Computer Science and Engineering field.
  • Given a set of facts demonstrate the ability to gather relevant information using available resources for the purposes of conducting an investigation or solving a problem, create a comprehensive report detailing their work and provide an oral statement summarizing the results.


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