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First impressions in the job search are crucial. A career services team member is here to help you practice your interview skills. Schedule an appointment by calling 330-966-5459 or email Students are expected to provide a resume before the interview and come dressed in interview attire.

Career Services is pleased to offer you InterviewStream, a Web-based mock interview program to assist you in preparation for upcoming interviews. It is a simple, fun, and effective way to refine and master your interviewing skills. Using a webcam, you will be able to:

  • simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions
  • use the practice interviews already created for various majors and/or
  • create your own custom interviews from over 6,000 questions covering all industries

When your practice interview is complete, you will have the option to seek feedback from mentors, professors, advisers, etc. by sharing your interview via email or unique URL.

It is a simple, fun, and effective way to refine and master your interviewing skills.



In about 30 minutes, you can log in, follow some basic steps to do a general interview, record your responses to interview questions and review your responses.

  • Time will vary among users because you have the opportunity to:
    • Re-try responses/save or delete responses.
    • Select from a detailed menu of questions (instead of using a general interview).
    • Stop anytime, and log in later to finish an interview.
    • Use other resources on the dashboard, like tips and webinars.

Sure you can! Use it as often as you like. You can save responses and review them later. You can also choose different interview questions.

After you log in to Interview Stream:

  • Choose ‘Conduct Interview’: Pick from the interview questions in the list or customize your own interview.
  • Conduct Practice Interview: Conduct your interview with any webcam, any MAC, any PC, anywhere, anytime. Video interviewer will ask the first question, then the webcam begins recording. Click to stop recording. Review, retry or continue to the next question.
  • Watch and Share with Others: Click a question to review a response. Review it with a friend or professor or career advisor. You’ll also have the opportunity to count your filler words (“umm,” “like,” “you know”)

Take advantage of all components on the user dashboard, which includes interview tips and a webinar on strategies and tactics to succeed in the interview process.

No webcam? No problem! Create your account anyway. Then select ‘Schedule Interview’ from the dashboard. Choose a date and time that works for you to come in and use a career services computer with webcam in our office.

  • Give review access to others: faculty members who have assigned a practice interview, advisors, friends, etc. It’s a simple matter of emailing that person while you are in Interview Stream (having asked that person’s permission in advance, of course).
  • You can request an appointment during which a career services advisor would review your Web-based interview with you (subject to scheduling availability). Once scheduled, you must email the representative the link to your interview so it will be ready for your one-on-one meeting.

No. Interview Stream is intended to supplement the in-person mock interviews that are arranged through career services. If you want to follow up your Web-based experience with an in-person mock interview (which is encouraged), you can do so.

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