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Career services – testimonials

Read some of our students’ fantastic experiences at Stark State!

Graduates and employers share the rewarding experiences that they have achieved with Stark State College:


The Stark State population continues to grow here at Wayne Homes. We just got another one in our CAD department and his first day here was on Monday. He’s a current student that hasn’t graduated yet. I just got to talk to him this morning and I believe he said he is finishing up his degree this semester. We tried for so long to find a good match of Stark State folks to our openings here, and now it seems like that’s all we’ve been hiring lately. I love it! Just wanted to let you know that we snagged another one.

– Ben Vogel
Product Development Manager
Wayne Homes

I would like to thank everybody at Stark State for helping me get through school. It was a team effort and I would especially like to thank John Macnamara and Shawn Drew Grandon for all of their guidance and pointing me in the right direction. I am now ready to start a new chapter in my life. Again thanks to everyone that has helped me conquer this goal in my life.

– Charles Stump
Class of 2015

I feel that the Mock Interview held at the Career Office has helped me to be prepared for real world interviews. I was not as nervous and felt better prepared to answer employer questions at interviews. I knew what questions to ask and which ones not to ask. It is a learning experience that I encourage all students to take advantage of, and it is FREE.

– George Judson
Class of 2010

Stark State College has been an incredible institution for the hands-on learning experience. They have offered so many opportunities to not only to me, but my fellow peers as well. Graduating in May 2013 with an associate degree in Business Management–International Business Major and a certificate in supervision gave me a sturdy foundation for the next stepping stone in my life. The knowledge gained from Kristin and Patty in the Career Development Office has been unforgettable. A simple stop by to say hello, vastly turned into an offer that couldn’t be passed up. The ShaleNET Floorhand program that is offered through the Continuing Education department assisted me even further to obtain a career. I was ecstatic to obtain the call for a career instead of just another job. Thank you Patty and Kristin for your hard work and for believing in me, your previous student worker. I can’t express how helpful they both have been.

– Alyssa Givens
Class of 2013

After several years of delaying the completion of my associate degree in accounting, I made the decision to return to Stark State for completion. I had received my certificate in bookkeeping from Stark State in 1993. The faculty were very helpful in converting my classes that I had previously taken under quarter hours. I was able to complete my degree by taking most of my classes that were left online. The online classes at Stark State were a blessing and the format made it easy for me to learn. I would love if Stark State would be able to offer a bachelor’s degree in accounting, as I would return in a heartbeat.

– Kelly Duvall
Class of 2010

I graduated from Stark State in 2009. I left my job at Delta Media Group in May 2010 to go work for a small medical company in Akron Ohio called Custom Medical Solutions. I worked for them for two years as a Clinical Engineer. Today I work for Mercy Medical Center as a Clinical Engineer. Thanks Stark State for helping me achieve success.

– Brian Busto
Class of 2009

I started at Stark State College in the Fall of 2008 after graduating from Marlington High School. From the very beginning, I loved attending this college. I felt like all of my instructors genuinely cared for my success, and I actually found myself enjoying my classes. For the first time in my school career, I was getting the opportunity to learn about what I loved to do, and it was fun. In September 2010, I was hired as a student worker in the Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Division. I was unofficially an administrative assistant, and I loved it. In January 2011, I graduated with my degree in Administrative Office Technology, and I was lucky enough to be hired full time in the Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Division as their Administrative Assistant I. I feel so blessed to be an employee of Stark State College, and I couldn’t dream of a better job. I am so grateful to have attended this college and to be in the position that I am in now. This is a great place!

– Kendra Haynam
Class of 2010

I had a wonderful experience at Stark State College. I attended the school for three years and graduated with my associate degree in Applied Science of Medical Assisting in 2011. I currently work at Akron Children’s Hospital as a Float Medical Assistant and have a rewarding career. My education at Stark State prepared me for every task that is required in my current job, and for the American Association of Medical Assistant’s Certification Exam. The staff and teachers at Stark State were wonderful and supported every student in their learning. They worked with me during–and even after–I graduated, assisting me in finding job placement. If you plan on going to school for Medical Assisting, this is the best program around. You will graduate with an associate degree rather than just a diploma, and you will have a well-rounded education that leaves you prepared for any job you wish to take. Another wonderful aspect to my Stark State experience was that all 79 of my credits transferred to Kent State University, where I am now completing my bachelor’s degree. Also I now have a career that pays well and will support me through the rest of my schooling. This is a wonderful, supportive and affordable college. I recommend it to everyone every chance I get!

– Lindsey M. Kaminski
Class of 2011

Being at Stark State was fun. The teachers and advisors are there to help you, and they want you to succeed. I have learned a lot being at Stark State.

– Shaylla Smith
Class of 2010

My experience at Stark State was a wonderful one. Having to work full time and have a family made getting my degree a challenge. Stark State was the perfect choice for me because of the many classes offered online.

– Meghan Vetrone
Class of 2011

Stark State has taught me how to be driven, persistent and determined on doing the best I can do. I can only tell the new students to never tell yourself that you can’t do this! Good luck on the journey you are about to embark on.

– Patrick Hales
Class of 2010

I graduated this May with my associate degree in Nursing from Stark State College. I just accepted a RN position with the Cleveland Clinic and will be working in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. The ADN program is beyond vigiorous, and was very challenging, but it has provided me with a tremendous amount of education that will help me succeed. The nursing faculty is also wonderful!

– Christine McGeorge
Class of 2010

 I really loved attending Stark State College! I have learned so much from my teachers. I already found an entry-level position to gain the experience to start my career.

– Stephanie Bann
Class of 2010

Stark State has helped me for many years, since I was 14 years old.  In my opinion, they have the best staff, always willing to help and stay after class for some extra tutoring. Stark State gave me a chance for a better future. With my engineering degree, I will become a PFC in the Army.

– Mitchell Shane Phillimore
Class of 2010

Stark State allowed me to find a great job in a tough job market. I started working in my career field the day after I graduated! I loved my classes in Electrical Engineering Technology and cannot wait to share my knowledge and experiences with other Stark State students in the future.

– Robby Strock
Class of 2010

I took full advantage of the Career Development Office my last year at Stark State. After graduation, I posted my resume on College Central, and when I saw a job posting that interested me, I was able to submit my resume and cover letter immediately. I had two interviews and was offered the job as office manager in a financial management firm within one week. My coursework and experience at Stark State prepared me well for the job.

– Becky Kuzmik
Class of 2008

Stark State does a great job getting you ready for the workplace by focusing on “practical education,” especially pertaining to engineering. My education at Stark State has allowed me to obtain a well-paying job in my field and placed me on a great career track.

– Ryan Clark
Class of 2008

I found Stark State very user friendly to the working, older student. My classes were challenging and informative. Most of the teachers were very approachable and able to relate to all the diverse populations attending the college. I especially want to thank the early childhood department, Libby Roll and Carrie Long, for their dedication to enlightening students on the importance of the field and the love of children. Without their support I may not have finished my associate degree and worked as diligently as I did to obtain my goal. Thank you from my heart.

– Deborah A. Griggs
Class of 2007

Stark State was the best college experience a student with a life outside of school could have. I was able to have a flexible schedule and finish school. I graduated from Stark State with the peace of mind that I could go out and conquer the world of nursing head on – and I did just that. I am now a successful nurse in the long term care field, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all of the Stark State staff, especially nursing.

– Saunya Edmonds
Class of 2008

Stark State gave me the education necessary to gain employment as a manager in a medical office. I truly enjoy the way I get to help people every day.

– Leigh Ann Sterner
Class of 2008

As a previous graduate in 1984 with a medical assisting degree and a recent 2008 graduate with a nursing degree, I can’t put into words how Stark State has shaped my future! Most recently, I have been able to achieve a long-time dream, and without the support and encouragement of the nursing faculty, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my goal. The program is an exceptional one, and the faculty are dedicated to helping their student nurses step up to any challenge and become confident in their role. As an RN at Aultman Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit, (even though I continue to learn every day), I am confident in my critical-thinking abilities and being the best nurse I can be for my patients and their families! Thank you to the entire nursing faculty! Stark State should be very proud to have you all as a part of this program, I know I am very proud to say I am a graduate of SSCT ADN program. I was also very well prepared for the NCLEX and passed the first time around! Thank you!

– Tina Parker
Class of 2008

I am well respected as a graduate of Stark State College. I heard from our many clinical sites how well nursing graduates from Stark State perform as nurses.

– Cassie Parsons
Class of 2008

Attending Stark State was by far the best choice I could have made when it came to improving my standard of living without breaking the bank. Unlike other colleges, SSCT provided me with a very affordable education. I chose the ADN program. I liked the option of taking classes at my own pace until I reached the actual nursing courses. This allowed me the time to continue working and care for my family. Once into the nursing program itself, it was most challenging, but in the end very very rewarding. The professors actually cared about the success of their students, and the nursing instructors really made sure that I would be graduating with all of the knowledge needed to survive the NCLEX and work in the real world of nursing. I knew I had chosen the right program for my nursing career when I went to the area hospitals for clinicals and asked other nurses at those hospitals how they felt about Stark State produced RN’s. EVERY clinical site response was “I would work beside a Stark State nurse any day over other nursing graduates.” Thank You to SSCT for for having this program and keeping it affordable to those who must pay out of pocket. Thank You to the extremely knowledgeable nursing instructors for providing me with what I needed to succeed and survive in the real world of nursing. I highly reccommend this college!

– Sherry Brendle
Class of 2008

I was very happy with the education I received at Stark State. I had a job lined up as soon as I passed my boards. I passed my boards and started working the very next week at Summa Health Systems. The things I learned at Stark State prepared me 100 percent for my job. Of course, as a nurse, you are constantly learning new things every day, but I always felt I had a solid foundation with which I could grow from. Making the decision to go to Stark State was the wisest move I have made in my life.

– Carrie West
Class of 2008

My education at Stark State College has provided me a solid foundation of beginning nursing skills. I have been prepared to easily transfer into the RN to BSN program at Akron University and will be graduating with a BSN in May 2009. Stark State has by far the best teachers and faculty, and I am extremely proud of the excellent education I received at Stark State. I would encourage all who are interested in a nursing career to check out Stark State – it far exceeds all the surrounding schools in preparation to begin a nursing career in any chosen field.

– Nancy Wargo
Class of 2008

Stark State College truly prepared me for a career in nursing. The program was very demanding and took a lot of hard work and determination, but all that was worth it. After graduation I felt very prepared to start my career as a nurse. The transition was very easy and I felt very much prepared to do the skills asked without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you to all the nursing staff for preparing me with all the knowledge and skills needed to practice as a professional registered nurse. It is such a rewarding career each and everyday. I love my job and what I do for others. I will always be grateful. I would recommend this program to anyone planning on attending nursing school.

– Talenia Hoffner
Class of 2008

The civil engineering-architecture program prepared me for my career in a way I could not have imagined. Thanks to the “hands-on learning” approach at Stark State, I have not encountered a step in the real world that has not been touched upon by the instructors at Stark State. I have nothing but great appreciation for the instructors that have helped me achieve the goals I set before me four years ago.

– Tim Buehler
Class of 2008

Excellent nursing program. I loved being part of the group under Director Gloria Kline. It was very intensive, demanding, time consuming and challenging (just like nursing), and worth every bit of energy and time I put into it. The instructors were the greatest group of people I’ve ever been associated with. They challenged you and wanted to see you succeed.
Thanks again!

– James M Willoughby
Class of 2007

As an older student it took me five years, working full time and attending classes part time, to graduate. What a great experience it was for me. I had great teachers who helped me whenever I needed it and made new friends. I did better than I had ever expected to do. I recommend Stark State to many people interested in starting their college education.

– Sally Lautenschleger
Class of 2007

I am a very proud graduate of Stark State. I tell everyone that I can about the experience I had at Stark. The small class sizes, easily accessed campus, and amazing teaching staff make Stark something to be proud of. I feel that I was truly prepared for my career in nursing, thanks to the standards of Stark State and the instructors who truly love what they do.

– Kimberly H. Repcik
Class of 2007

I am really thankful I chose to attend Stark State. In November 2004, with the help of career development, I got a job with a local surveyor as a drafter. There, I strengthened my drafting skills and knowledge of the civil and construction fields. In April 2007, thanks to Stark State’s College Network, I was offered a position with CMC Rebar Virginia to be a rebar detailer. CMC found my resume online; they researched the school’s Web site to see the course work I was doing, and determined that I would be qualified for the position they had to offer. I accepted the position, and in June after I graduated, I relocated to Virginia. I LOVE my new job and I love Virginia. The education, experience, and training I received from Stark State fully prepared me for work in the architectural and civil fields. I would have never had this opportunity if I hadn’t come to Stark State. Earning my associate degree was a very demanding and long process (especially when one is working full time and attending school), but the result was DEFINITELY worth the hard work and the wait. Don’t give up, no matter what! Your career is waiting for you!

– Lisa Baxter
Class of 2007

I had the best experience possible at Stark State College. I graduated less than a month ago and I’ve already been offered a great position at a reputable agency. Stark State gives a superb foundation to build your life upon.

– Crystal Milini
Class of 2007

Since graduating in 1986, I have had three employment opportunities which have all been found through the placement services at Stark State. It has been a strong tool for my career. Their help has been so much appreciated!

– Kathy Ross
Class of 1986

I graduated in 2003 into a very repressed economy. The great ladies in the Career Development Office helped me find several interviews to go to, and in the end, an interview I had with Sandia National Labs, that I had had when they visited my first year on campus, and my contact with the interviewer that career development gave me was what helped me land a job. I moved out to New Mexico to work with Sandia National Labs in October of 2003 as a mechanical designer, and I love it here and have actually joined our recruitment team as well returning for the 2004 Stark County job fair, and hopefully again soon.

– Jack Everett
Class of 2003

Stark State College of Technology truly prepared me for a career in the ever-changing engineering field. SSCT career development took care of everything in order to set me up with an interview at the Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W). One year later, I am still a technical designer for B&W at the world headquarters in Barberton, Ohio. Babcock & Wilcox is a great company and I am well on my way in a career I truly enjoy.

– Danny Radtka
Class of 2006

Going to Stark State was a rewarding experience. I recommend it for all “non-traditional” students. It started out as necessity, because I needed to be able to help support my family. Then, it became one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Thanks to Stark State and the wonderful people of the Career Development Office, I have a wonderful position at a great company.

– Victoria Dente
Class of 2003

I lost my job in July of 2002. After countless tries of trying to find another job in the IBM mainframe platform, I kept coming up with nothing. In March of last year I decided to take a look at Stark State College for a new career path with Microsoft and computer networking. I just completed another semester last December and am beginning to start preparations for My Network and Microsoft Certification exams. I have learned a lot in the last two semesters and wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I was going to attend the spring semester of this year but decided I needed to start studying and taking the five certification exams I need to become an MCSA. I am very grateful to Stark State for giving me this opportunity and look forward to returning when my certification exams have been completed. I need to have two more courses to complete the MCSE program but as I stated earlier, I must get ready for the other exams first. Thank you for the rewarding experiences.

– John Gregory
Class of 2004 Certificate

“My degree is in health information technology, May 2004. I received my RHIT credentials in October 2004. I was a work-study student in career development which provided me the ability to earn my way through college with the flexibility necessary for a busy class and life schedule. Being a single parent of three, Stark State provided me with the opportunity to complete my degree and assist in finding the perfect job. I would encourage anyone, especially single parents, to never give up. Stark State provides greater benefits to real people who live in the real world and struggle through everyday obstacles. I will always be grateful to everyone at Stark State for their encouragement. Special “thank you” to Rita Ridenbaugh and Patty Meeks in Career Services and Mr. Blackstock.”

– Marie Madrigal
Class of 2004

“I am a 1998 graduate of Stark State (Stark Tech back then). I graduated from the applied sciences department with a degree in physical therapy. I have been a LPTA since passing my boards in the summer of 1998 (I owe this to Alice Cain) and have been working on and off in my field since then. It’s a great program and a very rewarding career! I had a lot of fun with my classmates and still keep in touch with a few. I even met my husband there and have been married 13 years. So, not only did I get a great education and career, but a husband too!!”

– Jennifer Bostic
Class of 1998

“I loved everything about my experience at Stark State. Everyone, from the staff to the instructors made the process easy and quick. The Financial Aid Office was always there to answer questions and help with anything that I needed. The instructors are all top rate and go way beyond the call of duty to help or advise whenever needed. You won’t find these kind of people anywhere else. Stark State is the best!”

– Melissa A. Chapman
Class of 2004

Stark State gave me the opportunity to earn a degree which helped obtain a well-paying career.

– Misty Hill
Class of 2001

“Many people severely underestimate the value of a two-year degree. Stark State is ahead of the game in all aspects of the technological world when it comes to the quality of its students’ education. I received not only the great education needed to succeed, but the confidence employers look for when judging applicants. After graduation, the career development department was responsible for my last two great jobs. Stark State takes you in and sends you on your way to a great future.”

– Jeremy Kraemer
Class of 2001

“Attending Stark State College was a very crucial part of my life. The education that I earned surpassed all of my expectations. My instructors actually took the time to learn my name and truly cared about the outcome of my education. I met many nice people and learned many new skills while attending Stark State College. The skills I learned from Stark State have advanced me in both my professional life and current degree program. I would most definitely recommend the College!”

– Nataleigh Lasrado
Class of 2003

“My time spent at Stark State was very rewarding, from beginning to end. The professors worked closely with all the students in small class sizes that proved to be conducive to everyone’s learning experience. After I graduated with honors, career development worked very diligently in a down economy to find me an ideal first job. I couldn’t have asked for more. I recommend this establishment to anyone looking to further their education, either to gain that pay raise or start a career like myself.”

– Adam Hickman
Class of 2003

“Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with Stark State College Career Development Center to assist me in searching for qualified applicants for my accounting department. I have always received several resumes within the same or next day from the Career Development Center. Since some of my positions have been entry-level, I have been able to find quality applicants through the College.”

– Richard Williams
Beaver Excavating Company

“With the education I received from Stark State, I was able to obtain a job with the opportunity of further education in the future.

– Anthony Sheck
Class of 2000

“Thank you Stark State College for giving me the opportunity to use your career services. They helped prepare my resume, my attitude and dress when having an interview, and myself overall for the working world. I felt very confident with myself when interviewing and finally landed the job I have been waiting for. I now have a full-time position and love what I do. Thanks, Stark State, for this opportunity.”

– Jeannette Hendrickson
Class of 2004

“I am very grateful to Stark State College and its teachers for their role in my education. With it, and immense help from career development, I landed a great job at Babcock & Wilcox right out of school, and am so far very happy here. If there’s one thing at Stark State I did that was smart, it was utilizing the Career Development Office. They are the connection between students looking for careers, and employers looking specifically for students with Stark State majors. I would encourage anyone rounding third base at Stark State to visit the Career Development Office and allow them to help you too.”

– Barry DeBois
Class of 2004

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