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Student Symposium – testimonials

Lydia Jarka

“Participating in the Student Symposium is a great opportunity for students. Through this experience I gained a better understanding of how to conduct and present my research projects in a professional manner. In preparing for the symposium, I had the opportunity work with and learn from my professors. They guided me through the research process and helped build my presentation confidence. No matter what career you are working towards, it is always important to build your professional abilities, and the Students Symposium is an opportunity to do just that .”

Lydia Jarka
Symposium presenter 2019 | SSC alumna | Walsh University biology major


Natalie James

“Presenting my research in the 2019 Stark State Symposium was truly a fantastic experience! It not only gave me an opportunity to perform research and work closely with a faculty mentor, but it allowed me to gain excellent oral presentation experience  and share my research with my peers, faculty, family and friends!  This was an outstanding opportunity and I highly recommend it for other students! You got this!”

Natalie James
Symposium presenter 2019 I SSC Alumna | Kent State University psychology major



2018 Symposium award winners

2018 Award Winners L-R: Paige Brechtel, Kevin Rodrigues-Alves, Rhiannon Wooten-Moyer, Michelle Bedy, Cooper Rice, Shiv Devan

“Students will get the experience of a national professional association meeting without the need for any travel. The Symposium is open to the community making it a very special opportunity for students to present their work to those whom they have specifically invited, like family and friends.”

Dr. Amy Jo Sanders
Professor of Chemistry


Chiv Devan

“The Stark State Student Symposium provided an excellent platform for me to present the product of two years’ worth of research to a like-minded group of students and professionals. Participating gave me invaluable experience in sharing the results of my scientific research with the community at large and gave me the opportunity to listen to the incredible academic and technical work that my peers in the region have dedicated their time and efforts to. I would wholeheartedly encourage any student interested in sharing their research accomplishments, artistic talent, linguistic flair, or service to the community to take part in this unique experience.”

Chiv Devan
Symposium presenter 2018 | Akron University biomedical sciences major


Honors program graduates

Jen Smith, English professor and Honors Program Oversight Committee chair; Rhiannon Wooten-Moyer and Leonte Cooper, 2019 Honors Program graduates; Dr. Fedearia Nicholson-Sweval

“The Student Symposium affords students at Stark State College, as well as high school students throughout the local community, an opportunity to showcase their scholarly work. In my four years at SSC, I regard the Symposium as one of the College’s best events. Participating students will gain valuable presentation experience that will benefit them as they transfer to a four-year degree program or move directly into a career.”

Dr. Fedearia Nicholson-Sweval
Dean of Student Success

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