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Estimated costs for nine months of full-time education at Stark State (based on 2022-23 average expenses)

  • Tuition and Fees $4,550
  • Books and Supplies $1,100
  • Transportation $1,854
  • Personal Expenses $1,450
  • Living Costs $1,812 – $5,722


The method for payment of fees varies with each type of aid program. Your award notification lists your financial aid eligibility by semesters at full time status. The amount of aid typically available to you each semester is the amount listed. Your aid will be pro-rated for enrollments less than full-time (12 credit hours). Financial aid is first applied to the student’s tuition account. Any excess funds can be disbursed to the student in a refund.

  • financial aid funds will be applied to your account after your attendance is verified in all classes.
  • you will receive your financial aid refund after the term has begun.


  • Summer semester: third week of classes
  • Fall and spring semesters: fourth week of classes
  • Stark State has partnered with eRefunds to process and distribute financial aid disbursements, refunds, grants and any other payments students may be owed. To expedite refunds, students can setup their refund preferences in myBill+payment portal on mystarkstate.
  • Be sure to review your address for accuracy and make any necessary adjustments via mystarkstate.

Questions?  Contact the Business Office at 330-494-6170 ext. 4222

Federal Work-Study Program funds are distributed via direct deposit by payroll every two weeks for hours actually worked.  Paper paychecks are an option for FWS students, visit the Payroll Office in S301 for additional information on selecting the paper paycheck option.

Please understand that you MUST maintain attendance in your scheduled classes to remain eligible for your financial aid funds. Students who fail to maintain attendance in classes, withdraw, or are dismissed before 60% of the term has passed will have all or a portion of their federal aid eligibility rescinded. This will likely result in monies needing to be repaid to Stark State College and/or the U.S. Department of Education.

The Financial Aid Office works closely with the Bursar’s Office (located in the Business Office – 3rd floor of Student Services Center) to coordinate student billing and balances due. Refunds and disbursements are handled by the Bursar’s Office based on the student’s enrollment.

The college reserves the right to review, revise or cancel financial award at any time due to:

  1. Changes in your financial, residential or academic status
  2. Your failure to comply with the policies, procedures or laws pertaining to these programs
  3. The availability of federal, state and institutional funds for each program
  4. Changes in college policy. The college is not obligated to satisfy the total financial need of a student.

The plan is printed on the “Student Schedule/Receipt” each semester. This program offers students the option of paying their tuition in installments. A fee of $25 is assessed; however, no interest is charged. Brochures with further details are available at the Admissions Office.

Student Loan Disbursement Policy

In an effort to encourage student success and completion of courses and to reduce Stark State College’s Federal Student Loan default rate, Federal Student Loans will be disbursed in two payments during each semester. The payments will be based on verification of attendance and the midterm grades. For Fall and Spring Semesters, the disbursements will occur the fourth and ninth week of the term.  If a student is taking a second 8-week course, attendance in that course will be verified prior to receiving the second disbursement. For Summer Semester, disbursements will take place the third and sixth week of the term. If a student is taking a second 5-week course, attendance in that course will be verified prior to receiving the second disbursement.

Once the loan funds are disbursed to the student’s account, it will be used to pay off any outstanding charges.  If there are excess loan funds after the student’s account is paid off, the student will be refunded the excess amount by the Business Office.  If the first disbursement of a student’s loan (combined with other applicable financial aid or out of pocket payments) is not enough to pay the full balance of a student’s account, the student will not be issued a refund at that time.

Loan funds will only be disbursed if the student is enrolled for six or more credit hours in courses that are required for the student’s major and all student requirements are complete at the time of each disbursement.  If the student drops below six credit hours before either disbursement of the student’s loan is made, it will not be disbursed.

All instructors are required to report a mid-term grade. All instructors reporting a mid-term grade of “F” are required to report the student’s last date of attendance. If it is determined that the student is no longer attending the course, those credit hours will not be counted as credit hours toward the second disbursement.  If a student has a grade of “W”, those credit hours will not count as credits enrolled for the second disbursement.

Per federal regulations, students who are first year students (earned less than 30 credit hours) and are first-time Federal Student Loan borrowers will have their first loan disbursement delayed by 30 days from the first day of the semester.  The multiple disbursement policy does not negate this federal policy.

If a student completely withdraws from school, a Return of Title IV Funds calculation will be performed according to Department of Education regulations and may result in the student owing money to the Department of Education and/or Stark State College.

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