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Transfer module

The transfer of credits from one Ohio public college or university to another has now been guaranteed with the development of the Transfer Module by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for students with acceptable academic records.

Students may take advantage of the Transfer Module, which guarantees the transfer of a minimum of 36 – 40 semester credit hours of specified courses in English, mathematics, arts, and humanities, social sciences, and natural and physical sciences from Stark State to any Ohio public college or university and vice versa. The table below provides a detailed listing of Transfer Module courses students may take at Stark State.

Students who successfully complete the Transfer Module at one public college or university (such as Stark State College) will have met the Transfer Module requirements of the college (university) to which they transfer. However, students may be required to meet additional general education requirements. Students are encouraged to meet with counselors at both institutions to receive the necessary information and advice. A student must complete all minimum General Education requirements in the Transfer Module in order to ensure complete transferability of all transfer module credits.

Information about the transfer of college credit can be found at the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

For further information, please call the Office of Admissions at 330-494-6170, ext. 4228 or 1-800-79-STARK.

Stark State College is committed to equal opportunity for all and does not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, military status, pregnancy,
disability, age, genetic information, or sexual orientation.

Instructions: The transfer module consists of 36-40 semester credit hours of courses in English, mathematics, arts/humanities, social science and natural science. Students should follow these directions in selecting courses for the transfer module.

A student must complete all minimum general education requirements in the transfer module (see column 2 of table), in order to ensure complete transferability of all transfer module credits.

  1. Select courses that satisfy transfer module minimum requirements (31-33 semester credit hours) from introductory courses listed in column two (general education requirements applied to transfer module minimums).
  2. Select courses that satisfy the remainder of the transfer module requirements (six semester credit hours) from the courses listed in columns two and/or three (additional general education requirements needed in transfer module).

Completion of the requirements of columns two and three will fulfill the requirements of the transfer module. The student’s transcripts will reflect completion of the transfer module.

NOTE: Be sure to check with a counselor or advisor to ensure that courses selected for completion of the transfer module and associate degree are appropriate for your major and will transfer to the college/university selected.

Semester Credit Hours apply for Stark State College students. Hours precede course number.

Minimum General Education Requirements Applied to TM
(24 sem hrs)

Additional General Education Requirements Applied to TM
(12-16 sem hrs)
Interdisciplinary Hours Applied to TM within Areas I-V
(Ohio Articulation & Transfer Policy: Appendix B)
General Education Requirements Beyond the TM for Graduation (Courses listed in this column are not guaranteed to transfer)
I  English/Oral
(Oral Communication – column B)
3 semester hours
3 ENG124 3 COM121
3 COM122
3 ENG221
3 ENG230
3 ENG231
II  Mathematics,
Statistics or Formal Logic
3 semester hours
3 MTH108
3 MTH124
3 MTH124A and MTH124B
4 MTH125
4 MTH125A and MTH125B
3 MTH130
5 MTH135
5 MTH135A and MTH135B
3 MTH221
4 MTH223
4 MTH223A and MTH223B
4 MTH224
4 MTH225
3 MTH226
3 MTH227
Additional hours from approved TM courses in column A
III  *Arts/Humanities
6 semester hours
3 ENG233
3 ENG234
3 ENG235
3 ENG236
3 ENG237
3 ENG239
3 ENG240
3 ENG241
3 HIS121
3 HIS122
3 HIS221
3 HIS222
3 PHL122

Students can also select from the following Kent State-Stark courses: ARCH10001;
ARTH12001, 22006, OR 22007;
ENG22071 OR 22072; MUS22111 OR 22121;
PAS23001 OR 23002

Additional hours from approved TM courses in column A
IV  *Social Science
6 semester hours
3 PSY121
3 SOC121
3 PSC121
3 PSY122
3 PSY123
3 PSY124
3 PSY220
3 PSY221
3 SOC122
3 SOC123
3 SOC225
3 BUS122
3 BUS221
3 BUS222
Additional hours from approved TM courses in column A
V   Natural and Physical Science
6 semester hours
(One Lab course required)
3 BIO101
4 BIO121
4 BIO122
4 BIO126
4 BIO127
3 BIO128
3 BIO129
3 BIO130
4 BIO141
4 BIO142
4 BIO200
4 BIO221
4 BIO241
4 BIO242
4 CHM100
4 CHM101
3 CHM105
4 CHM205
4 CHM121
4 CHM121A and CHM121B
4 CHM122
5 CHM 141
5 CHM141A and CHM141B
5 CHM142
5 CHM241
5 CHM242
4 GEO141
4 PHY101
4 PHY105
4 PHY121
4 PHY121A and PHY121B
4 PHY122
5 PHY221
5 PHY222
Additional hours from approved TM courses in column A


24 HOURS 12 Courses listed in this column are not guaranteed to transfer

*Courses in Areas III and IV must be from two different disciplines.


(Total of Columns A, B, and C)
The Transfer Module contains 36-40 semester hours of course credit.
(Note:  You can obtain a catalog/brochure that lists the TM “approved” courses from the institution.)


English and Communications
Effective Speaking – COM121
Interpersonal Communications – COM122
College Composition – ENG124 (TME001 First Writing)
Technical Report Writing – ENG221 (TME002 Second Writing)
Business Communication – ENG230 (TME002 Second Writing)
College Composition II – ENG231 (TME002 Second Writing)
Exploration in Modern Mathematics – MTH108
Statistics – MTH124, MTH124A and MTH124B (TMM010 Introductory Statistics)
College Algebra – MTH125, MTH125A and MTH125B (TMM001 College Algebra)
Trigonometry – MTH130 (TMM003 Trigonometry)
Precalculus – MTH135, MTH135A and MTH135B (TMM002 Precalculus)
Concepts of Calculus – MTH221
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I – MTH223, MTH223A and MTH223B (TMM005 Calculus I)
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II – MTH224 (TMM006 Calculus II)
Analytical Geometry and Calculus III – MTH225 (TMM018 Calculus III)
Linear Algebra – MTH226 (TMM019 Elementary Linear Algebra)
Ordinary Differential Equations – MTH227 (TMM020 Elementary Differential Equations)
Arts and Humanities
British Literature: Med to 1785 – ENG233
British Literature: 1785 to Present – ENG234
Introduction to Shakespeare – ENG235
American Literature: Colonial to 1865 – ENG236
American Literature: 1865 to Present – ENG237
Film Appreciation – ENG239
Women’s Literature – ENG240
Major Modern Writers – ENG241
US History I-To 1877 – HIS121
US History II-From 1877 – HIS122
Western Civilization to 17th Century – HIS221
Western Civilization from 17th Century – HIS222
Ethics – PHL122
Understanding Architecture+ – ARCH10001
Art Survey+ – ARTH12001
Art History I: Ancient and Medieval Art+ – ARTH22006
Art History II: Renaissance to Modern Art+ – ARTH22007
Great Books I+ – ENG22071
Great Books II+ – ENG22072
The Understanding of Music+ – MUS22111
Music as a World Phenomenon+ – MUS22121
Interpreting the Black Experience I+ – PAS23001
Interpreting the Black Experience II+ – PAS23002

+ Indicates courses offered at Kent State – Stark campus

Social Science
General Psychology – PSY121
Psychology of Adjustment – PSY122
Human Growth and Development – PSY123
Industrial/Organizational Psychology – PSY124
Social Psychology – PSY220
Abnormal Psychology – PSY221
Political Science – PSC121
Basic Economics – BUS122
Microeconomics – BUS221
Macroeconomics – BUS222
Sociology – SOC121
Society and Technology – SOC122
Dynamics of the Family – SOC123
Cultural Diversity – SOC225
Natural and Physical Science
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology – BIO101
Anatomy and Physiology I – BIO121
Anatomy and Physiology II – BIO122
Science, Energy and the Environment – BIO126
Human Biology – BIO127
Climate Studies – BIO128
Meteorology – BIO129
Ocean Studies – BIO130
General Biology I – BIO141
General Biology II – BIO142
Ecology – BIO200
Principles of Microbiology – BIO221
General Genetics – BIO241
Cell and Molecular Biology – BIO242
Applying Chemistry to Society – CHM100
Introduction to Chemistry – CHM101
Introduction to Forensic Science – CHM105
General, Organic & Biological Chemistry I – CHM121, CHM121A and CHM121B
General, Organic & Biological Chemistry II – CHM122
General Chemistry I – CHM141, CHM141A and CHM141B
General Chemistry II – CHM142
Forensic Chemistry – CHM205
Organic Chemistry I – CHM241
Organic Chemistry II – CHM242
Physical Geology – GEO141
Principles of Physics – PHY101
Physics I – PHY121, PHY121A and PHY121B
Physics II – PHY122
Astronomy – PHY105
General Physics I with Calculus – PHY221
General Physics II with Calculus – PHY222
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