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Ohio credit transfer information

Transfer students shall be subject to the catalog in force at the time of their admission to the receiving institution and to any revisions that occur after its publication and prior to their enrollment. Once admitted, transfer students shall be subject to the same regulations governing applicability of catalog requirements as native students. Furthermore, transfer students shall be accorded the same class standing and other privileges (e.g., financial aid, housing, registration, parking privileges, etc.) as native students on the basis of the number of credits earned. For more information about credit transfer: www.ohiohighered.org/transfer.

Our many transfer agreements with universities and colleges help you move smoothly – and affordably – from an associate degree to a baccalaureate program. For questions about Stark State’s degree transfer agreements, contact the admissions office at 330-494-6170, ext. 4228. We also encourage you to get in touch with the college or university where you’d like to transfer to talk about specific bachelor’s degree requirements. For more information: www.starkstate.edu/transfer

This system provides course equivalency guides, academic programs, course offerings, transfer course evaluations and degree audit reporting through a Web environment from all Ohio transferology institutions. Students contemplating a transfer may submit their coursework to any transferology institution for evaluation against that institution’s academic programs. www.transferology.com

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