Credit for Fire/EMS

General information guidelines for students with current Fire, EMT or Paramedic certification in the emergency fire/EMS associate degrees:

Students who are currently certified in any or all of the following can receive credit for these courses provided they meet all the requirements for graduation. Students must submit a written request to the department chair of emergency services prior to this process.


  • Firefighter Level I and II – 11 credits
  • EMT – 7 credits
  • Paramedic – 30 credits

Students must complete the following requirements at Stark State College:

  • a minimum of 15 general credit hours
  • a minimum of 5 technical credit hours
  • submit current copies of certifications in the technical areas in which they are seeking credit

The specific areas of credit courses available in the technical portions of these two degrees are as follows:

Emergency Fire Services Degree:

Firefighter Level 1&2 (FST228), EMT (EMS121), and Paramedic (EMS122), (EMS124), (EMS221), (EMS223), (EMS222), (EMS224)

Emergency Medical Services Degree:

EMT (EMS121), Paramedic (EMS122), (EMS124), (EMS221), (EMS223), (EMS222), (EMS224)

These credits will be posted when all the requirements of attaining the degree(s) have been met and verified by the department chair of emergency services. A list of alternative technical courses will be provided to any student required to enroll in a technical credit course in order to meet the five-hour minimum. Students may not post any failing grades in the major in which they are seeking an associate degree. Students must also maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.

For additional information, contact the department chair of emergency services.