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>>Give to the Lamplighter Emergency Fund

The Stark State College Foundation established the Lamplighter Emergency Fund to support students who experience financial emergencies during the semester. Students are awarded a one-time grant of up to $500 (paid directly to the vendor) to cover unexpected qualifying emergency bills or expenses that put them at risk of dropping out of college.

The Fund helps recipients pay for unforeseen expenses that, if not resolved quickly, could impact their likelihood of degree completion.

Eligible expenses may include Emergency funds will NOT support
utilities tuition
housing/rent fees
medical/dental expenses books
personal automobile expenses legal fees
public transportation/bus pass tobacco
child care alcohol
gas entertainment expenses

Even with financial assistance for tuition and books, students can struggle to pay everyday expenses, especially when their studies take time away from the number of hours they are able to work.

An unexpected flat tire, radiator repair, root canal, or hospital visit may be a costly inconvenience for many, but for students living paycheck-to-paycheck, unforeseen minor emergencies can be devastating and can force them to drop out of school to pay the bills.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to help a student succeed. A small emergency grant, along with pointing them to community resources and the care of Stark State employees, can have a huge impact on a student’s ability to remain enrolled in college and succeed.

Plus, if you give on our special Support a Spartan day (April 10), your donation goes further. The College pays no vendor fees that day, so, 100% of your online gift benefits Stark State students.

Our goal

On April 10, the College is seeking to raise $5,000 in emergency funding to Support a Spartan. You can help us reach this goal by

  • making a gift to the SSC Lamplighter Emergency Fund
  • sharing the College’s Support a Spartan social media posts with your with family and friends to help spread the word


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