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What is a Web course?

Stark State offers several types of Web courses.
To enroll in these classes, you must have Internet access and be capable of using email and other Web tools for class activities.

What is a Web Course

* Proctored testing may be required for Web-delivered (W3) and flexible learning (W4) courses.  Online students may choose to use the College’s testing center, or another approved testing facility for proctored testing. Proctored exams are completed in a secure, monitored environment where verification of student identity is required. This process ensures the security and integrity of the testing process, which is required by both the Higher Learning Commission and the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Students are responsible for paying any fees required by the proctor or the proctoring agency.

** All students taking W2, W3 or W4 courses are required to complete an online orientation course, available before the start of the semester. Details are emailed to students’ College email  approximately two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

*** Students may be required to take class at a scheduled time, whether in-person or using technology.

NOTE:  Carefully read the course description that appears in the course schedule to determine if a course is Web-based, the type of Web course (W2, 3 or 4) and note any special class meeting time, software or other requirements. Face-to-face courses may also use or require technology or special software.

“I like just about everything. The site is easy to use once you get used to it, and it’s easy to email or chat with other students in the class or your instructor.”
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