Are You Prepared for Online Learning?

Is a Web Course for Me?

Like traditional classes, web courses follow the same semester schedule as traditional classes.  Web courses offer students convenience and flexibility but offer students the same learning experiences as our traditional courses. Web students will find that they put more time into an online course than in a traditional course, depending on computer, reading and writing skills. Web classes are convenient, not easy.

To be successful in Web courses, students must have knowledge of basic computer skills like saving files, navigating around the web, sending emails and uploading documents. Depending on the course, there may be other Web tools that students are required to utilize. In addition, students should be self-motivated, able to schedule time effectively, and committed to online learning. Take our Web Learning Survey to help you decide if a Web course is right for you.

Computer Novice?

The College offers FREE workshops to assist students who need to build their computer skills. If you are a new computer user, you may need help:

  • Logging into mystarkstate and Blackboard
  • File management (Saving & finding files)
  • Uploading files to dropboxes (Blackboard)
  • Taking tests online

If you feel that you will need assistance with any or all of these skills, contact Lydia Lee, COMPASS & Computer Basics Training Specialist at 330-494-6170 Ext. 4977 or email her at to schedule your workshop date and time.

Comments from our students:

“1. I can fit the time required to where it works best for ME.
2. I can spend as much time on any particular point as I need, and not spend that time on
other things in class;
3. If I have questions, the professor usually gets back to me fairly quickly, or I can also
arrange to meet with her if I have more than just a question.”
– Carol Dye