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eStarkState frequently asked questions

All of your accounts will use the same format for the user name and the initial default password.
Your user name is the first initial of your first name, your last name, your two-digit birth month and two digit birth day.
Example: Fredrick M. Last, born on June 15, 1992, would be flast0615.
Note: If your user name duplicates that of a previously enrolled student, the birth day portion of the number will be incremented until a unique user name is assigned to your account. So, if there are two students named Frederick Last, both born on June 15, the user name for the first one would be flast0615. The second would be flast0616.

Your default password is your first, middle, last initial, period, and the first six digits of your social security number. Example: using the above user information, and if Fred’s social security number is 123-45-6789, the password would be fml.123456.
Note: If you did not provide a middle name or initial, use an “ x” for your middle initial.

Blackboard is suite of simple, yet powerful online teaching and learning tools.

If you are experiencing trouble, contact the Help Desk.

Web-based or web-enabled courses may be more convenient for a student with a busy work, travel, home or class schedule, or for students who have problems with transportation or child care arrangements. If you have time to devote to a class, but cannot commit to a specific day, time and location, you may want to consider one of our online options. Some students also enjoy online interaction benefits such as being able to communicate anytime, anyplace with other members of the class.

An online course or web-delivered (W3) course is taught exclusively over the web with little or no face-to-face contact with the instructor and classmates. A web-enabled course (W2) offers a portion of the class time (typically 50 percent) in class and the remaining class time over the web. Flexible learning (W4) courses may include required lecture time delivered using web-conferencing technology or other virtual technology. Students may be required to log in to class on a specific day and time. Generally, all instruction is conducted via the web, however, mandatory dates of attendance could be required.

No. If you can access the internet, send email and attach files to email, you should have no problem. Computer basics such as how to create folders and files are helpful. Take the “Am I ready for web learning” survey to gauge your skills and temperament for taking a web course. Each course is designed to lead you through the logical steps to completion.You should also review the individual course description for any special requirements. Stark State requires all students taking a W2, W3 or W4 course to complete an online orientation to gain access to their online classes.

Microsoft provides free viewers for its products. These viewers allow you to open and print the file.

Typically, the answer is no. However, you will be required to log in several times per week at hours that are convenient to you. Your instructor may also identify specific login requirements. Online courses do not take less time than traditional classes, but the time you choose is more flexible. Web 4 courses may have specific day/time login requirements you’ll know when you sign up for the class.

Your syllabus, course outline, lecture materials and assignments will be included in your online course which you will access through Blackboard. You may also be required to purchase an access code or book through the Stark State College bookstore.

Most courses do require that you use a specified textbook.

No, enrollment is limited in each class. Most classes are limited to 20 students to allow for one-on-one communication with your instructor.

Many people mistakenly assume that they’ll feel isolated in a web learning course. To their surprise, most find that web learning courses actually provide a high degree of personal contact. Not only will you and your instructor communicate directly, everyone in the class will have the ability to communicate online.

Check the academic calendar for drop dates and contact your advisor for recommendations.

Web courses are identified with a W2, W3 or W4 to the far right on the class schedule. Click here for more information.

First, try to click on some other links, and try to reboot. There are specific browsers which Blackboard supports and specific browser settings required to use Blackboard. Contact the Help Desk at or 330-494-6170 ext. HELP (4357) for assistance.

Yes, you can! We accept students from all over Ohio and many other states as well. To find out if we’re approved to offer our programs to students in your state, click here.

No. Stark State College classes are not self-paced. The class will mirror a traditional class, including start and end dates. Although different instructors will have different requirements, each instructor will require the student to participate online a minimum number of times per week.

Many of our students come from other states, and some students have taken classes while in other countries! Fully online classes are designated as W3 courses and instructors may require campus visits for tests, but remote students may make arrangements to take tests elsewhere, such as a local testing center or library.  Students who are unable to come to campus must complete a few proctoring forms and then arrange to take their exams under the supervision of an education official, such as a librarian, teacher, hospital education director, staff director, human services training director or any military officer of higher rank than the student. Contact eStarkState for assistance.

Online classes are taught by the same Stark State instructors who teach our traditional classes.

You can log into your course from any computer with a web browser (preferably Firefox) and internet access.

This is not recommended. Computers in the computer lab are available for use by all Stark State students on a first-come, first-served basis, so there is no guarantee that a computer will always be available. We recommend any student in a web-enabled or web-delivered class have access to a computer outside of Stark State College.

Web 2, 3 and 4 courses are not accessible until the start date of each semester. Instructors may choose to open courses early and provide course access prior to the first day of class. If you believe you should be able to access a course and cannot, please contact the Help Desk.

There is no extra fee for parking permits, but all students who come on campus are required to have a parking permit. See campus parking regulations online.

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