Senior Night - Stark State College - North Canton, Ohio
Senior Night

Senior Night


Find out how you can get your entire fall semester tuition at Stark State College for FREE.

Tuesday, June 15: 5 – 7 p.m.
Location: Main campus
(6200 Frank Ave. NW)
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Wednesday, June 16: 5 – 7 p.m.
Location: Stark State College Akron
(360 Perkins St.)
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  • take a campus tour
  • meet with professors,
  • learn more about your potential majors
  • get help with the admission process
  • find out about financial aid

A free semester plus a few more semesters at the lowest tuition in the region will

  • get you on your way to a smooth transfer to your favorite university (think Ohio State, University of Akron, Kent State and more)


  • prepare you to get right to a good-paying, in-demand job.

Even after your first FREE semester, your savings will stack up because SSC tuition is less than half that of the average public four-year university in the area.

College/University Annual tuition
30 credits per year
Savings per year
by attending SSC
Stark State College* $ 5,388
Average local public four-year regional campus* $ 8,001 $ 2,613
Average for-profit career colleges in region $ 18,865 $ 13,477
Average of public four-year universities in region* $ 11,499 $ 6,111
Average of private four-year universities in region* $ 31,842 $ 26,454

*Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

NOTE: Room and board costs are not included in these figures but average approximately $12,000 per year (except for-profit career colleges).

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