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Sexual Assault Guidelines

RAINN logoThe College will not tolerate sexual assault of any kind. Sexual misconduct is socially irresponsible and violates the rights of other individuals. Nothing you do, say or wear gives anyone the right to assault you. Sexual assault is a crime and will be dealt with accordingly.

Definition of sexual assault:

Sexual assault, including rape, occurs when a person is forced or coerced physically, verbally or by deception into any type of sexual conduct or contact with another person whether the assailant is a friend, acquaintance or stranger. Sexual offenses, as defined in the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2907 include rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition and felonious sexual penetration.


How to help prevent sexual assault:

There is no absolute way to protect yourself against sexual assault, but there are simple common-sense precautions that can help minimize risk. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t let alcohol or other drugs cloud your judgment. Be assertive and always demonstrate that you are in control.

  • Keep your doors and windows locked when you leave your apartment or automobile.
  • Don’t lend your keys and don’t put your name and address on your key ring.
  • Always watch for unwanted visitors; know who is on the other side of the door before you open it.
  • Keep out of isolated areas. There is safety in numbers; walk with a companion or with a group at night.


What to do if you are a victim of sexual assault:

Victims of rape or a sexual assault are encouraged to contact Campus Security and local police. Upon request, a victim will be assisted in making any necessary contacts by Campus Security and Student Services.


What occurs when a sexual assault report is made within Stark State College:

A joint investigation will begin immediately. Jackson Township Police and Stark State Campus Security will cooperate in the investigation. If the investigation shows probable cause that a sexual assault occurred, and if the victim desires, a meeting will be held with the local Prosecutor’s Office to decide if charges can be filed. If the decision is made that charges are appropriate, it is up to the victim to decide to go forward.

When a victim of assault files charges against a Stark State student and an arrest is made, Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.22 is exercised. This requires the College to hold a hearing within five days to determine whether the student shall be allowed to stay in school or be immediately suspended. Both the accused and the accuser are entitled to have others present during the proceedings. The scope of College disciplinary actions are: (a) informal oral reprimand, (b) formal written reprimand, (c) administrative probation, (d) a definite period of suspension, (e) an indefinite period of suspension and (f) expulsion. Guidelines for appealing the results of a hearing are outlined in the Student Handbook.


Post-assault rights:

You have the right to (1) medical treatment, (2) counseling, (3) to prosecute the accused with probable cause, and (4) the right to report sexual assault through the Campus Security Department and the Jackson Township Police Department. You also have the right to refuse the above without reproach from Stark State College and/or its members. The victim of a sexual assault may request a change in their academic situation which will be honored if reasonably available.


Sex offense prevention:

  • Proactive articles in college publications.
  • Information available at Stark State Security Office in Room S104.

The information provided in this policy is part of Stark State College’s commitment to safety and security on campus and is in compliance with The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990. This policy contains general information and should not be considered all-inclusive. Policies may be changed or updated and are available through the College Security Office.


Legal requirement:

The Ohio Revised Code requires the reporting to local police of all felony crimes, which includes most cases of sexual assault, to be reported to local police.


Post-assault procedures:

Until consultation with the police, the listed procedures are recommended following an assault in order to preserve evidence that may be collected.

  • Do not change clothing.
  • Do not shower, bathe, douche or brush your teeth.
  • Do not apply medication to injuries unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not disturb anything in the area where the assault occurred, if possible.


Post-assault assistance:



Provider Location Phone Number
Campus Security Rm. S104 330-494-6180, Ext. 4367
Student Services Rm. S305 330-494-6170, Ext. 4228
Interfaith Office Rm. S100 330-494-6170, Ext. 4264


Provider Phone Number
Jackson Township Police 911 or 330-832-1553
Rape Crisis Center (24 hours) 330-452-1111
Victim Assistance Program 330-438-0887



Medical assistance:

(Listed hospitals can provide medical, support, and counseling services)


Provider Phone Number
Emergency situation Dial 911
Aultman Hospital 330-452-9911
Mercy Medical Center 330-489-1000
Doctor’s Hospital 330-837-7200



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