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Parking and traffic

All traffic and parking regulations apply to all campus parking lots, including the Advanced Technology Center and the Automotive Technology Center.

While parking on campus, all vehicles must display a current parking permit hanging from the rear view mirror. Parking permits are issued through the Campus Security Office. Permits are good summer/fall/spring semesters and expire June 1.

If lost, stolen or misplaced, a new permit will need to be obtained. A vehicle without a permit displayed is in violation and a ticket will be issued to that vehicle. All license plate numbers must be registered with the Campus Security Office. Failure to do so could result in the loss of parking privileges.

To obtain your parking permit, log into your mySSC account, search “parking permit,” and follow the link to register your vehicle. Once you have entered your vehicle information and it is registered, go to the security office at Main Campus or the Akron or Downtown Canton satellite locations. You will need to provide your student ID number to Security in order to receive your parking permit. One permit per student is issued and there is no charge for parking permits.

Registered students are not permitted to park in the visitors’ lot at any time. Student parking is permitted only in designated student areas. All vehicles must be parked between the lined spaces on the lot. Faculty parking is permitted only in designated faculty areas. All vehicles must be parked between the lined spaces on the lot. Students and employees are not permitted to park in designated patient parking areas at any time. No parking is permitted in any drive area. No parking is permitted on any non-designated lawn, island, or grass area.

A bicycle rack is located in front of the auditorium doors for the convenience of bicycle riders. No bicycle may be brought into the building or secured to the trees or light poles. Designated parking spots for motorcycles are posted in student parking lots 200 and 211. All parking regulations for cars also apply to motorcycles.

A 15-mph speed limit is in effect for the campus parking areas. A 25-mph speed limit is in effect for all campus roadways. Drivers must yield to pedestrians at all times. Traffic citations will be issued for reckless operation on private property for anyone found operating a vehicle without due regard for the safety of others.

Moving violations will be processed through the Massillon Municipal Court system. Parking violations are processed by Campus Security Office and the Business Office. Handicapped zone fines are $50. All others are $15. All fines are payable in the Stark State Business Office. If the Bureau of Motor Vehicles must be contacted to acquire registration information, a $3 cost will be added to any traffic fine.

Parking tickets may be appealed in person or in writing. The appeal must be made through the Campus Security Office (Rm S104) within 10 business days of the date the ticket was issued. Appeals will not be accepted after the 10-day period.

Fines not paid will result in the withholding of grades, withholding of transcripts, and the denial of future registration for classes.

Handicapped parking for students is available in all student parking lots. Temporary permits are available. Students requesting temporary handicapped parking must make application with the Campus Security Office prior to parking in handicapped spaces. All students and employees parking in the disabled spaces are required to provide valid documentation of their state issued permit and display a sticker issued by Campus Security on their SSC parking permit. Please contact Campus Security at Ext. 4367 if you have questions regarding special parking needs.

No vehicle related services (jump-start, unlocking car doors) will be rendered to a vehicle that does not have a permit. A liability waiver must be signed to receive services. Campus security will provide escorts to vehicles in lots upon request. For assistance, you may contact the Campus Security Office directly by dialing 330-704-2582.

High gas prices concern you? Temporarily without wheels? The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) can conveniently bring you right to front campus. Route schedules are available at the reception desk in the Student Center or visit SARTA at

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