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Administrator frequently asked questions

The cost to each district is outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding that is agreed upon each year.  The cost is a percentage of tuition determined by whether the course is offered at the high school or on the college campus.  Billing is based upon College Credit Plus rosters of the 7th calendar day after the districts first day of school.  The district is responsible for the cost of textbooks and other course materials.  The college will attempt to maintain a textbook edition for at least three (3) years for face-to-face courses.

Stark State’s timeline for checking the accuracy of College Credit Plus rosters will be 7 days from the school district’s first day of school.  After the 7 day deadline has passed, the district will be charged for all students remaining on the rosters.  The timeline for checking the accuracy of College Credit Plus rosters for online courses will be 7 days from Stark State’s first day of school.

You can purchase the textbooks wherever you would like.  The Stark State College bookstore now offers a comparison shopping feature which includes prices from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, etc. as well as the new and used prices from our own bookstore.  This feature is available for most, but not all texts.  To access our online bookstore go to:

Yes. Your students will be receiving college credit for their College Credit Plus courses, so it is imperative that they undergo the exact rigor and expectations of students attending the college.  To insure that these conditions are met, the instructors are required to follow all of the college guidelines and use the college text, syllabi, course materials, and grading procedures.

Your instructors must attend an orientation meeting before starting a new course.  They are also required to attend a departmental Professional Development Workshop once per semester.

Stark State College assigns a mentor to each College Credit Plus instructor.  Mentors supply the adjuncts with all required instructional materials, schedule classroom visits, provide support, and answer questions.  This provides a great collaboration tool for the school district and the college.

Yes.  You can contact the College Credit Plus office about offering any course to your students that is taught at Start State College or online.  When considering what courses you would like to offer, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we have an instructor available that meets the college guidelines for adjunct status?
  • Is there a pre-requisite for the course, and is our school offering the pre-requisite course?
  • Do we have the equipment or materials required for the class?
  • Would this be a good course to offer online?

College Credit Plus instructors are expected to have credentials equivalent to those required of full-time instructors at Stark State College. Instructor credentials are reviewed by the appropriate academic division after the online application is completed.

  • For general education courses (i.e. English, Math, Science),  instructors are required to have a master’s degree in their content area or a master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in the content areas.
  • For technical program courses (i.e. Information Technology, Welding, Engineering, etc.), instructors must have a bachelor’s degree with work experience and/or industry certifications.
  • Notify the parents and students of the availability of the classes.
  • Schedule ACCUPLACER testing early (March or early April).
  • Designate one counselor to work with the Stark State College-College Credit Plus coordinator.

Contact Wendy Pisony at 330-494-6170 ext. 4335 or and she will provide you with the adjunct checklist and data sheet you need to complete and return to her.

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