Taking Classes at High School

  • Classes will follow the high school start date.
  • Taught by college faculty with support from their high school.
  • Use the college textbook, syllabus, and course materials.
  • Will follow Stark State College course objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Earn the same credit they would have earned at college if they successfully complete the course.
  • Should contact their high school guidance counselor for a complete list of your high school’s course offerings and more information.

Steps for Student Admission
Students Taking Classes Online or at High School Fall 2016

  1. Speak with your high school guidance counselor to discuss which College Credit Plus option and course selection would be best for you.
  2. Complete the Stark State College application by May 1, 2016 at: www.starkstate.edu/admissions.
  3. The high school guidance counselor will submit your high school transcript (transcript must include your statewide student identification number), ACT or COMPASS scores, and course selections to Stark State College. If you have not completed ACT or COMPASS, move on to step four.
  4. Complete the ACT or COMPASS test for college readiness. (check with your guidance counselor for COMPASS test procedure).
    • COMPASS measures your skill level in three basic areas – Math, English, and Reading.
    • All Stark State College students must take the COMPASS or ACT.
    • Scores help to determine whether or not a student needs to be put into a developmental course.
  5. If Step three is complete, you are ready to select courses with your guidance counselor. Your guidance counselor will send us your selected courses by December 1, 2016.
    Note: Students must meet the course pre-requisites; check the Stark State College website or check with your guidance counselor.