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Instructor frequently asked questions

College Credit Plus instructors are expected to have credentials equivalent to those required of full-time instructors at Stark State College.  Instructor credentials are reviewed by the appropriate academic division after the online application is completed.

  • For general education courses (i.e. English, Math, Science), instructors are required to have a master’s degree in their content areas or a master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in the content area.
  • For technical program courses (i.e. Information Technology, Welding, Engineering, etc.), instructors must have a bachelor’s degree with work experience and/or industry certifications.

The current process for applying for a College Credit Plus faculty position is as follows:

You need to be given a specific link to the job posting in order to access it.  Contact: Shelly McCombs at 330-494-6170 ext. 4361 for this link.

Instructors should work with their school district administrators to decide when the school wants to start offering the College Credit Plus course before contacting Stark State College.  Instructors need to be approved before the course can be offered, therefore it is suggested that instructors begin the application process approximately 6-8 months before they want to begin offering the course.

Yes, Stark State College is pleased to have faculty members who take on the role of College Credit Plus mentors.  They are vital to the success of our College Credit Plus courses.  The role of faculty mentors is to:

  • Help insure that College Credit Plus courses compare in rigor and quality to courses taught on campus.
  • Keep you updated with trends and new information in the curriculum.
  • Share effective teaching styles, techniques, and resources.

CRN stands for Course Registration Numbers.  Stark State’s Registrar designates a unique number to every course that identifies the time, days, instructor and location of each course.  The CRN is put on the class registration form to make sure students are enrolled in the correct course and section for your high school.

It is critical that each College Credit Plus instructor verify that their college roster is correct in the Stark State College information system, Banner.  The instructor will need to provide the high school counselor with a list of discrepancies.

The rosters become official after 7 days into the term and the school districts will be billed for these students.  Students taking College Credit Plus classes expect to receive college credit.  If a student is missing from the class roster, they will not be eligible to earn college credit for the course.

mystarkstate is your portal to all of your course and student information and much more. Click “help” for instructions for logging into mystarkstate on the login page.

Login to mystarkstate and click on the Class List icon in the Faculty Dashboard section. Click here for instructions on verifying class rosters.

The form can be used to withdraw a student that does not want to complete the course.  In these cases, the form must be submitted by the assigned Stark State Academic Advisor before the final withdrawal date for that semester.

Stark State College is committed to providing quality professional development opportunities for College Credit Plus instructors.  The relationship with faculty mentors provides a great opportunity to communicate course content and methodology.  Professional development networking events facilitate communication between College Credit Plus instructors in numerous districts and full-time college faculty.  Attendance at Professional Development events is required.  If an emergency does not allow attendance, the College Credit Plus instructor will be asked to attend a class session of their faculty mentor and to conference with the mentor to acquire information missed.    College Credit Plus instructors also have the opportunity to attend any Stark State College professional development courses, new instructor workshops, etc.

A site visit takes place in the College Credit Plus instructor’s school building on a regular secondary school day.  The visit is defined as the time spent observing a class and conferring time with the teacher.  The Stark State College faculty mentor is responsible for scheduling the site visit.  In an observation site visit, the mentor observes the entire class period.  During the conference, the mentor and College Credit Plus teacher discuss topics related to what is observed in the visit.

College Credit Plus instructors agree to use Stark State’s syllabus, learning outcomes, and textbooks.  This is done to insure course quality standards, consistency and rigor across disciplines.  College Credit Plus instructors will cover these quality standards as part of their orientation and professional development workshops with faculty mentors.  College Credit Plus faculty members must submit a course syllabus/outline to their faculty mentor prior to the beginning of each class term.  As a model, faculty mentors will provide a copy of the master and course syllabus for each course taught.  All College Credit Plus courses must use approved Stark State College textbooks.

The Early Alert process is intended to identify students that are not performing at a satisfactory level through the first 4 weeks of the course. college credit plus instructors will post early alerts using their mystarkstate portal and a letter will be sent from the college to the student encouraging them to seek assistance from their instructor. This does not become part of the student’s permanent record. Click here for instructions for posting early alerts.

It is college policy that students will be given the opportunity to evaluate their courses and instructors, and this includes College Credit Plus courses.  Student evaluations and instructions will be sent out to the College Credit Plus instructors each semester.  Typically, these should be administered to the students within the last few weeks of the course.  After the evaluation (which is anonymous) is complete, the College Credit Plus instructor should send the sealed envelope(s) to Donna Griffin at Stark State College.  An analysis of the student evaluations will be sent to the College Credit Plus instructor and the appropriate academic dean at the college.

It is advisable to discuss all graduate courses with your department head or mentor at Stark State College before you sign up for any of them.

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