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Help DeskHelp Desk Services offers a wide range of computing, technical and information services to the Stark State College campus community. Help Desk Services provides the first line of technical support for Stark State College. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of technical support and answers to your questions. Help is available at our staffed Help Desk counter, by phone or email.

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All students have several network accounts when enrolled for a credited class at Stark State College.

  • Your myStarkState and email accounts are created when you are accepted to the College.
  • Your Campus Network Account is created before classes start.
  • Your Blackboard account is created within 48 hours of being accepted to the College.

This help aid gives a brief overview of your different accounts, storage spaces and services available to you. It also highlights online locations where you will find additional information regarding your accounts.

Getting Started – Accounts and IT Information (PDF)

Wireless Internet Access
Stark State College offers unsecured wireless network access to all current students, faculty, staff, and guests. To access the wireless network, you must log on to be authenticated as a Stark State user. By using this service, you agree to abide by the SSC Computer Usage Guidelines.

Guest Access
Guests and visitors of the College may create a temporary account. View the help aid for guest wireless access or call the Help Desk for guest account creation assistance.

Wireless Internet Areas
Stark State College’s main campus facilities utilize a campus-wide wireless access network. The wireless access gives students, faculty and staff the freedom to use their laptop computers or portable internet devices on the network, without being restricted by location.

For General Help Desk Questions
Before you contact the Help Desk, please have the following information ready:

  • Your Username
  • Contact Information (First and last name, phone number, email address)
  • The system you are experiencing problems with (mystarkstate, email, campus network account, Blackboard)
  • Any error messages you may be receiving
  • Is your problem happening on a home computer or at the College?
  • If at the College, what is the PC name listed on the front of the PC (include the room number)?

For eStarkState Help Desk Questions
If you are experiencing a problem with Blackboard, please have the following information ready in addition to the required information above:

  • What web browser are you using?
  • Have you gone through each step listed in the Blackboard Learn Account > Having Issues?
  • What is the Name and CRN of the class that is experiencing problems?

If you are emailing Help Desk Services, please include the answers to the above in the body of your email.

When you contact Help Desk Services with a problem or issue, a work request is generated using our online software.

Help Desk Services is designed to offer Level 1 support to all our patrons. We have developed solutions to the most common questions and problems. Our trained staff will assist you to resolve Level 1 issues, and in most cases this takes between 5 to 10 minutes on the phone or in our office. If we cannot resolve your problem, the Help Desk staff will assign your work order to the appropriate Level 2 support personnel.

In addition to work levels, priorities are assigned to each request. Work requests are resolved according to the priority and the technicians respond accordingly.

Please note if our staff or the technician needs additional information, you will be contacted by email. Please check your college email account for correspondence regarding your request.

Once the work order is completed, the solution will be emailed to you, unless specified otherwise in the work request.

Please be aware that Help Desk personnel may not leave the Help Desk Services area to assist you in a classroom. We do however, assign one of the above priorities to your work request and the technicians are notified via text message to their phones. They will respond as soon as they are able to assist you.

At Stark State College, the student email accounts are hosted by Google™. This allows you to access your email from any Web-enabled computer without special software. Upon your acceptance to the College, an email account is created for you. Your email is used as an official means of communication.

For more information and to access your student email go to –

Students may access files stored in their student home folders and the files shared by instructors from off-campus via Student Remote Access. First time users must install the Citrix client to reach the login page.

The use of computing facilities at Stark State College is a privilege and users are subject to compliance with certain principles designed to assure that all users have reasonable access to facilities and that the action of any one user will not adversely affect any aspect of the work or computer usage of another. The College’s Policy on Responsible Use of College Computing
, these guidelines, as well as local, state and federal laws govern student computing. The use of College computing facilities for purposes that are illegal, unethical or in violation of the College’s policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges, criminal penalties and/or other disciplinary action. The policies can be viewed beginning on page 20 in the student handbook.