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Symposium application

Presenter Information
For Stark State students please use your SSC student email address ( For high school students please use your school email address if available.
Co-Presenter Information (if applicable)

Please provide names and email addresses for co-presenters: Stark State students: please use your SSC student email address ( High school students: please use your school email address if available.

Project / Presentation Information
Please click here to see descriptions of categories and types listed below.

Capstone Project – a program specific course that requires at least one semester of research.  Typically includes either a written report or a presentations at the end of the semester.

Debate - a formalized argument on a particular topic where two or more participants provide opposing arguments.

Demonstration – a non-hazardous presentation of a skill, technique, or application.

Essay – a formal paper and/or presentation of original and/or argument on a topic of intellectual merit.

Panel discussion – a public exchange of ideas that allows audience members the opportunity to join in the discussion of a particular topic.

Performance – music, voice, or acting.

Research Project – usually included in a course or completed as part of research experience for undergraduate program.

Speech – a chosen topic researched by student independently and presented orally to audience.

An abstract is a brief summary of the project you intend to present. For the Stark State Symposium, it must be 100-200 words. It is required that your project supervisor review your abstract before you submit it. Sample abstract
In place of a signature please submit your email to validate the submission of your application. For Stark State students please use your SSC student email address (
Before you submit...
If so, please describe below. (Most presentations must be limited to 10-20 minutes. Requests for additional time will be approved by the Symposium Committee only in panel discussions, debates, and some performances and demonstrations.)
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