Student Symposium – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symposium?

  • It is a half-day event to highlight the academic excellence of students from within the college and Community High Schools.
  • Local industry partners will be invited to attend and act as judges
  • 4-year institutions will be invited to attend to showcase transferability

What is the criteria for participating in the symposium?

  • All SSC and local High School students are eligible to submit an application to present. Students enrolled in the Honor’s program are required to present at least once, as part of the program requirements.
  • Students will submit an application that will include an abstract giving an overview of what they would like to present.
  • Faculty from the various divisions and areas of expertise will review the applications and abstracts and will select the projects that will participate. (interested in being on the review committee contact Annissa Langworthy at
    1. Review will include the evaluation of spelling and grammar
    2. Incomplete applications will not be accepted
    3. Late applications will not be considered
  • Presentations can be case studies, information/skills learned while interning, externing or apprenticing. They can be group projects, demonstrations, creative works like art work displays, poetry or short story presentations.
  • Student clubs and organizations are also welcome to present on their awards, service projects or club activities.

When are applications be accepted?

  • The online application and submission will be available by the beginning of November.
  • Online submission will close Friday, March 9.

What will be the format for the symposium?

  • Students will be able to choose from two different presentation delivery methods, poster or 10 -20 minute PowerPoint presentations (dependent upon number of students)
  • There will be two sessions with an intermission in between to allow for break down and set up of posters, restroom use. One of the local high school’s band will play music during the intersession.
  • We intend to have a keynote speaker. Speaker will speak after the second session ends and before the award ceremony.
  • Awards Ceremony will occur at the end of the second session.

Why should I as a student, participate; or as a faculty member encourage students to participate?

  • This event will provide students another opportunity to enhance soft skills and professional development
  • Research has shown that students are more likely to persevere when they see other students modeling what they want for themselves.
  • Students will have a great opportunity to network with prospective employers. Industry partners will have an opportunity to see potential candidates for hire.
  • Provides another example of leadership and going above and beyond to perspective employers. Build their resumes!
  • Showcases the programs, courses and projects from the students perspective

Why is the application window open so long?

  • We wanted to provide an opportunity to students who are working on projects in the fall and spring.