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student symposium

Student Symposium – frequently asked questions

What is the symposium?

  • The Stark State Student Honors Symposium is a half-day event that highlights the academic excellence of students from Stark State College and local community high schools.
  • Local industry partners will be invited to attend and act as judges
  • Four-year institutions will also be invited to attend in order to showcase transferability

What criteria are required for participating in the symposium?

  • All Stark State College and local high school students are eligible to submit an application to present. Students enrolled in the Honors program are required to present at least once, as part of the program requirements.
  • All students wishing to participate must submit an application that includes an abstract providing an overview of what they would like to present.
  • Faculty from the various divisions and areas of expertise will review the applications and abstracts and will approve projects for participation.
    • Applications and abstracts must be written with regard for standard English
    • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
    • Late applications will not be considered
  • Presentation categories include the following:
    • Course projects/research projects/case studies/capstone projects
    • club service projects
    • student service projects
    • science fair projects
    • essays
    • speeches
    • creative works such as art work displays, poetry, or short story presentations

When are applications accepted?

  • The online application and submission will be available by mid-November.
  • Online submission will close Friday, March 1, 2019.

What will be the format for the symposium?

  • Students will present by means of a poster, oral presentation, demonstration, performance, panel discussion, or debate.  Standard presentations will be limited to 10-20 minutes.  Some demonstrations, performances, panel discussions, and debates may require additional time, if requested.
  • A keynote speaker will present after the second session and before the award ceremony.
  • The Awards Ceremony will occur at the end of the program.

What are the different styles of presentations accepted for the symposium?

  • Capstone Project – a program specific course that requires at least one semester of research.  Typically includes either a written report or a presentations at the end of the semester.
  • Debate – a formalized argument on a particular topic where two or more participants provide opposing arguments.
  • Demonstration – a non-hazardous presentation of a skill, technique, or application.
  • Essay – a formal paper and/or presentation of original and/or argument on a topic of intellectual merit.
  • Panel discussion – a public exchange of ideas that allows audience members the opportunity to join in the discussion of a particular topic.
  • Performance – music, voice, or acting.
  • Research Project – usually included in a course or completed as part of research experience for undergraduate program.
  • Speech – a chosen topic researched by student independently and presented orally to audience.


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