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Attendance policy


To ensure the commitment to student success, attendance must be taken in all classes, regardless of modality, starting with the first day of the class.

  1. Faculty may elect to relate course attendance to the course grading policy. This will be specified in each course syllabus.
  2. For federal financial aid compliance, attendance will be recorded by the faculty and reported to the College Registrar’s Office.
  3. A student is considered a non-attendee in any course modality when he or she does not physically attend a class session or does not log in and participate in the course content within the first 14 days of the term for fall and spring (excluding holidays and emergency closings) and within the first 7 days of the term (excluding holidays and emergency closings) for accelerated terms as per the Federal Financial Aid Guidelines.
  4. Students who receive federal financial aid and do not physically attend or log in to classes will be dropped from their classes and have their financial aid cancelled or reduced. The federal government mandates that federal monies for non-attendees who receive federal financial aid be returned to the federal government.
  5. Attendance will also be documented at the end of each semester to verify last day attended in each class.
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