Objectives of the Open Pathway process | Stark State College | North Canton, Ohio
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Objectives of the Open Pathway process

  • Demonstrate that Stark State College meets the five criteria for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and Federal Compliance requirements.
  • Involve the entire College community in an ongoing internal and external evaluation of the effectiveness of the College in order to promote a better overall understanding of the College’s mission.
  • To allow Stark State to concentrate on its systems and processes as the basis for quality assurance and as the lever enabling institutional improvement.
  • Demonstrate the College’s commitment to our stakeholders and to advancing the quality of higher education.
  • To maintain College accreditation.
  • Infuse the principles and benefits of continuous improvement in the culture of Stark State College.
  • Provide the information needed to assist with continuous quality improvement leading to focused quality initiatives.
  • Collaborate and network with peer institutions.
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