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Employee Annual Fund Campaign 2019

Help students go further

Dear Colleagues:

As we kick off the Employee Annual Fund Campaign 2019, we want to start by thanking you for helping our students go further with your past support. We know our faculty and staff do so much to support our students, and the fact that so many choose to go further by offering financial support is amazing. Thank you!

We look forward to continuing to share the success stories of our students during this year’s campaign to demonstrate how much your gift really does make a difference. It is our hope that you will consider supporting or continuing to support students through the Stark State College Foundation Employee Annual Fund Campaign this year.

The Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization that supports our students and College through scholarships, projects, faculty and staff professional development and other initiatives. The Foundation also raises funds for academic programs, facilities and equipment.

The Stark State College Foundation was founded through the generosity of our own faculty and staff more than 30 years ago. Today, our Foundation received more than $1 million annually in support from individuals and foundations in the community. Our employee support is as important as ever – in assisting our students in achieving their academic goals, supporting professional development, funding academic programs and equipment and encouraging external support. Individuals and organizations help institutions supported by their own employees, and your annual giving has helped encourage community giving to our College.

Please join us in supporting the Employee Annual Fund Campaign 2019. As always, thank you for your ongoing efforts in helping our students go further!


Dr. Para M. Jones
President, Stark State College

Marisa Rohn
Executive Director, Stark State College Foundation

The Employee Annual Fund Campaign 2019 begins on September 9 and concludes October 25.

The campaign is an important part of who we are at Stark State College. Everyone works directly or indirectly for our students. The Foundation’s work benefits students, faculty and staff through scholarships and professional development dollars. This is your opportunity to make a financial investment in our students, especially when 100% of your donation is applied to the fund you have indicated. Your participation in our campaign will not only provide student scholarship assistance, it will provide an advantage in attracting additional external donations which ultimately support student completion, retention and recruitment.

The goal is to reach 70% employee participation! Last year we achieved 70% employee participation and raised more than $52,000 – excellent, but together we can increase both our total participation and total donations. For example, if every employee donated $5 a pay for the next calendar year ($130 annually), our employee giving would exceed $143,000 in total annual donations. 100% of every gift, great and small, positively impacts our students’ success.

Each person should decide what is right based on individual philanthropy. Whether $5 a pay or $25 a pay, your gift helps our students and brings us closer to our goal of 70% participation.

Over the past 31-plus years, the Stark State College Foundation has given more than $5 million in scholarship funds to more than 13,500 students. During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Foundation raised more than $1.3 million for student scholarships, college projects, programs and instructional needs.

An endowed scholarship is a permanent charitable scholarship invested with a long-term strategy within a large portfolio in order to provide income into perpetuity without invading the principal while protecting the investment. A tax-deductible donation of $5,000 or more, payable over five years or less, will establish an endowed scholarship. Your $40 per pay payroll deduction over 26 pays for five years would achieve a $5,200 endowment donation. Contact Brenda Griffith at ext. 4415 or Marisa Rohn at ext. 4275 for more information.

Captain ext area
Sarah Fiddler 4948 admissions, College Credit Plus, and outreach/satellites
Dan Minder 4504 academic technical services and computer services
Kathy Ison 4669 administrative services and office application, computer science, digital media, information systems
Krystal Nash 4340 accounting and finance, culinary arts, dean of business and entrepreneurial, management and marketing
Lu Phillips 4740 advancement, career dev, grants, institutional res, marketing, president’s office, and workforce dev
Jordan Kalaitsides 4384 allied dental health
Eric Loew 4129 applied, civil, design, electrical and electronics, HVAC, mechanical, oil and gas, engineering
Mike Conway 4936 automotive and transportation
Beth Albrecht 4012 biology, chemistry and physics
Kathy Feichter 4286 college store, human resources, mailings, reprographics and security
Linda Remark 5249 communications/humanities and reading
Bridget Murphy 4457 comptroller, VP business and finance, and purchasing
Lisa Gilliland 4730 dean of student success, disability support services, military services
Jack Beacon 4545 dietetic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapist
Karen Young 4795 education, justice studies and law enforcement
Greg Freeman 4208 elearning, library, multi-cultural, TRIO, upward bound math and science
Jeff Magee 4605 emergency services
Nicole Herrera 5209 English
Marlene Lowery 4420 financial aid and registration
Kelly Reinsel 4112 health information, medical assisting, medical lab, ophthalmic, and surgical assisting
Susan Oster 4693 human services, dean of health and human services, nursing, and respiratory therapy
Amy Shriner 4694 mathematics
Pauline Wise 4930 physical plant, grounds maintenance
Tom Shearer 4894 social sciences
Bethann Blackburn 4670 Stark State College Akron
  1. Choose to participate in our employee annual fund. Your donation is important!
  2. Complete the pledge form or make your donation online
  3. Return your pledge/payment form to the Advancement Office, room S306, by October 25.
  4. The payroll deduction year begins Jan. 3, 2020 or your first payroll in 2020. Deductions are scheduled on a calendar year.
  5. If you have any questions, ask your team captain, stop by the Advancement Office located in S306, or call 330-494-6170 ext. 4643.
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