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Petroleum technology – instrumentation electronics technician

The instrumentation electronics technician major will provide the learner with the knowledge to troubleshoot and maintain electronics, instruments, automation, and measurement equipment along with calibrating pressure gauges and metering equipment. Instrumentation electronics technicians are employed throughout the oil and gas industry with emphasis at well pads, pipeline and meter sales points. The program was designed to meet the instrumentation electronics needs encountered when dealing with oil and gas monitoring and sales equipment.

The instrumentation and electronics certificate is designed to provide the student the basic understanding of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems utilized by the petroleum industry. Various forms of instrumentation will be covered including sensors and program logic controllers. Troubleshooting and maintenance will be covered.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with a instrumentation and electronics certificate or natural gas and oil technology ShaleNET C1 certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in instrumentation electronics technician:

Natural gas and oil technology ShaleNET C1 certificate

Instrumentation and electronics certificate

Associate degree

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