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Substation worker technician

FirstEnergy employs a large workforce of power line and substation employees who work on our transmission and distribution system every day to ensure safe and reliable electric service to the customers in our service area. Lineworkers are responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of transmission and distribution lines, while substation electricians construct, inspect and maintain our substation equipment. Whether they are testing substation performance, constructing distribution lines for a new residential development, or repairing damaged power lines after a storm, line workers and substation employees enjoy fast-paced and rewarding careers.

FirstEnergy’s electric utility operating companies routinely hire employees in the following areas:

Substation worker technician

Substation electricians must be able to work safely while inspecting and maintaining substation equipment to ensure optimal performance. Qualifications for these positions include:

  • Prior electrical experience working with high voltage equipment (69KV and above).
  • Ability to overhaul, calibrate and test new and in-service transformers, circuit breakers and tap changers, as well as install, adjust, inspect, repair and remove substation systems and equipment.
  • Ability to safely climb steel structures and perform tasks in elevated locations up to 70 feet high.
  • Ability to work safely in confined and underground spaces, while in close proximity to high-voltage equipment.
  • Ability to safely operate forklifts, trenchers, backhoes and commercial vehicles.

This program is in collaboration with FirstEnergy and requires an additional selective and competitive application process. For more information, call 1-800-829-6801 or go to where the selection process link will give you the next scheduled information session at Stark State College.

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