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Medical Instrumentation Sterilization

Medical instrument sterilization technician

This program has been approved for inactivation under the Ohio Department of Education and is no longer accepting applications.

Medical instrument sterilization technicians are trained in the cleaning, processing, packaging, distributing, storing and inventory control of sterile goods, instruments, surgical trays and medical equipment.

A medical instrument sterilization technician works in the central service area of a hospital, outpatient surgical center or outpatient clinic, responsible for proper decontamination and sterilization of medical and surgical equipment/instruments.

What is the difference between the certificate and associate degree?

The curriculum’s technical classes are the same for both programs. If you choose to pursue an associate degree, you’ll complete additional non-technical coursework to earn an associate of technical studies degree with a major in medical instrument sterilization.

Already employed as a sterile processing technician?

Stark State offers a short-term certificate for individuals already employed in the field who are seeking certification.

Your pathway to a degree

You can start with an medical instrument sterilization technician certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree in MIST.

Medical instrument sterilization technician certificate

Associate degree

Already working but not credentialed?

The career enhancement certificate is for those with one year of working experience in the field. Clinical experience is not required.

Cost may vary due to prior immunizations, level of immunity and current health coverage.

  • FBI/BCI- $70 [Good for 1 year/If expires before completion of program, must repeat-additional$70]
  • Liability Insurance-$15
  • ID Badge-$10
  • Influenza shot-$30
  • Physical/Visual Exam-$50
  • Blood Titer for Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella-$300
  • Hepatitis B 3 shot series of immunizations-$120
  • MMR 2 shot series of immunization-$60
  • Two step TB Test-$30
  • Varicella 2 shot series of immunizations-$60
  • TDaP immunization-$30
  • Comfortable athletic shoes/Clogs [Closed toe and back]-$50-100
  • Certification Exam-$125.00

Estimated Additional Costs= $975.00

Required credentials

Graduates of Stark State College’s medical instrument sterilization technician program who have earned either a certificate or associate degree are eligible to take the national examination required to become a certified sterile processing and distribution technician (CSPDT).

Program learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend, apply, and evaluate clinical information relevant to the role as a sterile processing technician.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in all skills necessary to fulfill the role as a sterile processing technician.
  • Demonstrate the professional behavior consistent with employer expectations as a sterile processing technician.

Find more information about the field of sterile processing and distribution from the American Society for Healthcare Central Service Profession at and


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