Digital Video and Media Technology

Today’s 21st century audiences expect 21st century content, and you’ll be able to deliver by mastering and applying new technological solutions to the age-old art of storytelling.

You’ll be immersed in leading-edge technologies and environments essential to today’s film, television, video production, arts, animation, visual effects, gaming, web and interface design industries. Students will develop practical skill in pre-production, production, post-production and distribution along with a portfolio.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101 Student Success Seminar
ENG124 College Composition
IMT121 Interactive Media
IMT122 Graphic Arts Design
IMT137 Drawing Basics
IMT129 Digital Audio Recording and Editing
IMT132 Digital Photography/Graphic and Media
IMT223 Digital Video Recording and Editing
IMT266 Film Theory and Practice
ITD123 MAC Concepts
COM121 Effective Speaking
MTH106 Math for Technology
BIO126 Science, Energy, & the Environment (lab)
ENT120 Entrepreneurship
IMT125 3D Graphics Modeling
IMT237 Compositing
IMT242 Lighting and Cinematography
IMT268 Advanced Video Editing
IMT238 Advanced Video Production
IMT251 Authoring and Video Compression
IMT265 Motion Graphics Portfolio
Arts & Humanities Elective


Associate of applied science in digital video and media technology

  • film
  • television
  • video production
  • sports video
  • visual effects
  • film festivals
  • videographer
  • lighting technician
  • video editor
  • director
  • assistant director
  • associate producer
  • cinematographer
  • freelancer
  • camera operator
  • glidecam operator
  • director of photography
  • gaffer
  • grip
  • sound recorder
  • boom operator
  • production assistant
  • Adobe programs are recommended
  • headphones and USB drives are required